Friday, 30 January 2015

Things I'm not good at

One thing I really love about internet-land is the amount of wisdom that's out there. So many people are so good at so many things, and they're so happy to share it. People are always putting up useful information about how to do this and how to do that. It can be extremely useful.

As for me, well I'm not so great at so many things. I'm not really in a position to be giving anyone instructions on what to do. Which leaves me with a constant challenge, because I need to figure out stuff to put into my blog each week.

Anyway, I figured that I maybe there aren't that many things I'm good at, but there sure are a lot of things I'm not good at. And because, as far as I'm concerned, one of the main purposes of the internet is to share stuff, I'm now going to share you you a bunch of things that I'm definitely not good at.

1. I'm not good at playing guitar. Actually, I'm not that bad at playing guitar. I can belt out a few simple chords. But I'm definitely not good at it either. Whenever I pick up my guitar, my kids go running in the opposite direction. If you should ever see any tips on how to play guitar from me, do not pay any attention to them.

2. I'm not good at singing. Unlike the guitar thing, I'm just really, really bad at it. I'm especially bad at singing while I'm playing the guitar. All wildlife in a 20 km radius clears out at the very thought of it.

3. Blowing my own trumpet. Seems like everyone else on the internet i running around saying how great they are. As for me, well, I suppose all you have to do is read this post to see that I tend to take a slightly different approach.

Anyway, I could go on and on about being not good at lots of other things, but I guess I need a bit of time to actually be not good at those things. So anyway, for now, signing off.

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  1. Preaching to the choir, Jonathan, preaching to the choir. I often feel like a one-trick pony whose trick isn’t even that good. I often wonder how the world perceives me. I’m quite convinced within myself that if any of you were to meet me you’d be disappointed. At least if you met me twice. I can usually acquit myself no too bad if I only see a person once. I throw everything I’ve got at them and they go away thinking me articulate, intelligent, witty and charming. Yeah, I can fake it once. Only I’m not really faking it. I can be all those things but not for any length of time. It’s too much effort. I recently sent an e-mail to a friend who I correspond with on a regular basis and it just so happened that this time I took note of how long I spent working on that e-mail. It was three hours. The subject line was ‘9 words per minute’. It’s not so hard to sound intelligent when so spend that amount of time on every word. And my blogs are the same. They take days to write. And more and more the information presented is stuff I’ve researched. I’m not delving into the never-ending treasure trove of my wisdom. No, that was exhausted years ago. At the moment I’m editing a novel I wrote a few years ago so long ago that I’d pretty much forgotten everything bar the gist of it and as the subject is a writing I was surprised to find how much of what I touch upon in the book has subsequently appeared in my blogs and comments. I clearly only have a finite about of stuff to say and I’ve probably said it all. So don’t be too hard on yourself. Most of only have one string to our bow. But then how many strings does a bow need?

    I could never get me head around the guitar. I learned keyboard and chords don’t make sense to be on a fretboard. I tried to learn when I was in my teens but the keyboard is perfect for me. I don’t have one at the moment and every now and then I get the urge but I don’t have the time to commit it and nowhere to put it but I did enjoy playing music. I can’t sing to save myself. It doesn’t stop me and it’s not uncommon for me to wander round the house bumpy-bumping or doopy-dooping some tune that’s got stuck in my head (usually the theme to some TV show) but I never sing anything with words mainly because I can’t remember them. For a writer I have very little interest in lyrics and even albums I’ve listened to hundreds of times like Dark Side of the Moon I struggle with. I can usually manage a verse, two at a push. More often than not all I have are the first couple of lines. Even my own songs—I’ve written a few over the years—I struggle with.