Saturday, 1 February 2014

Neville is back - and you'll never believe what he's up to
In Doodling, he fell of the world.

In Scribbling, he pushed the world completely out of shape.

Now, at last, due to (admittedly somewhat limited) public demand, Neville Lansdowne makes his third appearance. That's right - the third edition of the extraordinary saga of Neville's adventures has just been released. And you'll never believe what happens to Neville this time.

In Scribbling, Neville has somehow managed to drown in a sea of words. Okay, maybe not actually drown. But he has ended up deep down in a strange new world. A world where everything he sees, and all the character he meets, are constructed entirely from words.

And, of course, a Neville story would not be a Neville story without some sort of strange and unexpected adventure, and this one is a doozy. If Neville can't find an answer, both the real world and his new undersea world of words will both be destroyed.

So take some time for a bit of Scribbling. It's available from Amazon, and will soon will be up and running on all the other ebook stores as well.

So enjoy - and please take good care of all your words.


  1. What I want to know if why the book’s not x-ray enabled. Actually what I want to know is how the hell an e-book can be x-ray enabled. I know I didn’t read the last one but I’ve downloaded a copy of this one. I like the premise. Now, of course, you’ve got all that tedious marketing malarkey to get through. Good luck with that. You should consider packaging the three books in a while.