Monday, 20 February 2012

A really grumpy blog post

I was meant to have written this post yesterday.

But I didn't. And I'll tell you why. Because I was in a really bad mood.

I'm not going to tell you why I was so grumpy. That's my business and I'd rather keep it private. What it did mean was that I was in no mood to sit down at my computer on a Sunday night (when I usually post my latest update) and think of something clever and witty and utterly ingenious to say. So that's why I'm doing it today instead.

Which kind of got me thinking (I know - it's a bad habit which I'm trying to get on top of). If we're to take ourselves seriously as writers, how much should we let our writing patterns be dictated by moods? As a professional writer, should I just get over it and get on with the job?

It seems especially difficult for someone whose primary style of writing is meant to be funny (at least a little bit). because let me tell you, funny is really not so easy to do when you feel like the world is collapsing around you. At least not for me - I know there's a bunch of great comedians who seemed to only be able to function if they were clinically depressed, but that's not my style.

All the same, am I derelict in my duties as a writer for letting things get on top of me? Should I be able to keep churning out the funny, no matter how grim and grumpy I feel? When it comes down to it, am I just a great big sook?

No idea. All I can tell you is that this is my blog, and if I'm so grumpy that I don't want to write anything in it, then I won't. So there.


  1. Heh. It's a good much to let one's moods dictate work as a writer. Deadlines always helped me with my paid work, and I've found that's true as a writer, too...but when working for yourself a lot of those deadlines are self-imposed, so don't always carry the same stick. I know a lot of writers claim their work comes out the same regardless of their moods, which I find interesting. It might be true, but the process of doing it when in a bit of a foul twist certainly doesn't *feel* the same.

    As an aside, there must have been something in the air yesterday, as I was in a similar mood, and I also found it difficult to make myself sit down and write.

    1. Thanks JC,

      At least I'm not too grumpy to reply to comments today.

  2. My solution to this problem is always to make sure I have a stockpile of articles from which I can choose so I’m never under pressure to write something when I’m grumpy or—as is the case most often with me—I’m too brain-fogged to work as was the case today. I used to have twenty-five in hand. Now, due to a spell of being under the weather and having to dip into my treasure trove, I’m down to twenty but as I only post ever five days I’m still not concerned; on a good day I can rattle off 3000+ words.

    1. Hi Jim,

      I have a stockpile too. But then I figured the grumpy angle was too good to refuse.

  3. I need to stockpile - that would really remove a lot of the stress of blogging on a schedule. Glad the grumpies have passed.

    1. Hi SM,

      I'm over the grumpies. Just got the "tiredies" now.

      Looking forward to a good sleep

  4. I think you should be able to have a good old moan on your blog if you want to; I do it all the time and it never upsets my seven followers.

    1. Hear hear.

      Seven followers - are you sure your name isn't Snow White?

  5. I used to have regular rants on a blog.
    It was fun and it made me feel a lot better!
    You could do that! I'll tell you what sparked it off, a visit to a nasty dentist.

    I put up the video of Steve Martin in Little Shop of Horrors, even.

    But on the serious side, yes--it is part of the writing thing. We get moody, we have high and lows.

    You do what's best for you. If you're really mega grumpy don't force yourself to communicate.
    But remember this. When you're feeling less than cheerful, there are so many of us (particularly writers) who feel exactly the same or worse.

    I even thought seriously of starting a private group on Facebook for writers called, 'Rant.'

    Very good post btw, because we can all relate to it!

    1. Thanks for this, Carole,

      Ranting is definitely the best medicine at times.

      Mind you, I'm not sure I'd do a post straight after a visit to the dentist.